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OH MY WORD!!! Spicy Sprite is my favorite thing! Its McDonalds Sprite, see McDonalds over carbonates their soda. Sprite is already is a highly carbonated drink so It jut hits different.

What is Spicey Sprite?

I have been doing everything I can to slow the spread but also still capture your amazing moments. Mask up. I have been working closely with Brides and Grooms during this time to come up with an effective game plan. I understand every case is different and I am doing my best to understand this is just currently the world we live in.

What has been your Covid-19 Guidelines?

Unfortunately its just me and I only have two hands and two eyes. I do work with both some awesome Photographers and Videographers that have similar style as me that I would love to recommend to you. 

Do you shoot both Photo and Video?

YASSSS!!! (lol)
I love to travel, ever since I was little I have always been on the move so traveling 2 hours away or a 32 hour flight away doesn't really bother me. Weddings over one hour from Grand Rapids Michigan will have travel costs on top of the pricing quoted.

Do you travel For films and Photography?

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