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My couples are more to me than just "couples getting married" or "clients." They become my friends. I'm such a firm believer that when you invest in me, I invest in you 1000% more. 

Let me let you in on a secret: the experience your Photographer and Filmmaker create can completely make or break your day. My couples deserve the best experience possible, whether it's for video or photography and I'm here to tell you how i'm different than others.


Every couple comes up to me and says "we are not like the couple that you photograph" or "we are just two awkward humans and not sure if you can capture that" 

First of all thats 100% A.O.K , in-fact I'm more drawn to the different weird people because I am too. I want you to feel completely you.

You're not a professional!

Let me break things down


 I am not just a camera man. I want the relationship between us to be friends rather than just some guy behind a camera. I love to interact and hangout with my couples in the months leading up to the big day. Let's Grab a burger and a beer, Coffee, Sushi, Spicy Sprite, whatever it is Im there for it. This makes you feel at ease on your day. Its not just a stranger watching you but more so just another friend.  Also I promise I'm an amazing third wheel.



Intimacy is a broad term and I feel like sometimes It can fall into just "kissing". Intimacy is sooo much more than just kissing its a moment, its emotions, its vulnerability. Too many times wedding days are all big and fun that we forget to take a step back and just have that moment together. To have that moment of " Wow I just married the man/women of my dreams". To hold each other close. I fight for couples to have these moments. Push back the crowd escape the busy room and go have a second for just you two.



At the end of the day, Its way more than a photo or a video. It's a big moment in your life that you want to be able to look back at and really REALLY feel something. 

"That was Epic"


Wanna break the mold and do something different? You should, Its breaks my heart when Im having a consultation with my couple and they are planning to have a big wedding but they deep inside want to elope. Or when a bride or a  groom say they dont like to be the center of attention. ITS YOUR DAY, do what makes you comfortable. We live in the 21st century now we have to stop being people pleasers and do what you want to do on your big day that will make you feel something so special.

Its your day!

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I love connecting and Interacting with my couples on All the Social media platforms so we can better get to know each other?

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