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Northern Michigan Elopement Photographer

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October 3, 2022


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Telling Your Story Through Photos + Film

Let’s talk about storytelling. 

The story of your wedding day or elopement is so much more than your actual wedding. Your story is bigger than the little details you’ve selected to make your day come together beautifully. It’s the little details of you and your partner that have led you to make this lifelong commitment to each other that make up your story. Sure the dress, the rings, the colors, the venue, the [fill-in-the-blank], all contribute to how your day is documented, but those things are just a fraction of your story. 

Raw + Real Emotions

When capturing your story in photos or on film, I’m looking for more than the cliche wedding day moments. I’m looking for the real and raw emotion and will create a space that allows these natural interactions and nostalgic moments to happen!

Creating this safe space for raw emotion starts long before your wedding day. This starts way back in my inquiry process when I genuinely invest in getting to know you as a couple and continues through your wedding day. As a vendor who desires to represent your relationship authentically, I intentionally seek to learn about your relationship’s journey as we move closer to your wedding day. I’ll send a strategic questionnaire that I challenge you to take seriously as you reflect on your relationship and what is leading to your day. I want to know what makes your love unique, what twists and turns your relationship has encountered that caused you to grow closer together, and what hopes and dreams you’re striving for as you commit to forever together. 

Nostalgic Storytelling

From your engagement session to your wedding/elopement day, I want you to forget that the cameras are even around, focus solely on your person and your story, and interact how you always do. I want to capture your day in a way that tells your story so you can be nostalgically transported back to everything you felt for years to come. 

Let me be your guide to your best day. Capturing your story & creating space for raw emotion. 

Click here to connect with me today! Want to keep up with more of my work? Follow along on Pinterest and Instagram.

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