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June 1, 2022


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7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Film Uniquely You

7 Ways to make your wedding film more uniquely you.

1. Create time and space just for you. 

Your timeline should reflect moments for you to enjoy time together. Could you plan your first look away from the rest of the action so you can have some personal time to take a little walk together before the events of the day ramp up? Or maybe plan to have a moment at sunset to sit and reflect together while you overlook all of your favorite people. Be intentional as you plan your timeline so that there is room for a few moments to be alone. 

2. Audio is a big deal  

Audio is a big deal in the way a wedding film is put together and tells the story of your emotions. Having your voices and audio is a huge deal. This audio can come from moments like your first look, readings of personal letters or vows, or speeches at the reception, but also can come from the smaller more intimate moments like looking in the mirror for the first time with your mom after putting your dress on, or the groomsmen hyping you up as you tie your tie. The audio that’s recorded in both intentional and spontaneous moments is completely unique to your wedding day and allows your personal story to be told. Having voices captured on audio is what makes your wedding film 100% yours. 

3. Create connection in your ceremony. 

Washing feet, worshiping together, praying together, planting a tree, taking a shot, shotgunning a beer. It doesn’t have to be the typical unity candle moment but something that is uniquely you and speaks to your love story. All of your guests came to love and support you, and they want to be invited into your love. You’ll have this special moment documented in your wedding film to cherish forever.

4. Letters and Vows. 

These tend to create moments of raw emotion. You can write personal letters to share together before your ceremony or personal vows to read in front of your favorite people. I would strongly recommend writing at least one of the two as it creates an intimate and intentional moment and is something you will cherish forever. As you grow old together and fall deeper in love, you’ll be able to look back on the words you wrote for the day it all began. 

5. Sneak away amidst the craziness.

 When you have 100+ people coming to celebrate you. It can be overwhelming. Let’s take a second for just you two to get away and breathe. To take in all the feelings and emotions. After your guests leave the ceremony, take a second to look back and soak in what just happened. During the reception, while everyone is enjoying their dinner, take a moment aside to notice all of the people who came because they love you. 

6. Book a day before session. 

Like your engagement photos, a day before session gives you the time to show who you are and your personalities in a less formal way. We can make breakfast while the sun rises, kayak on your favorite river, hike your favorite sand dune, or chill around a bonfire with your closest friends. As your wedding day comes and goes, the other moments surrounding the day are just as meaningful and will be something to look back on for years to come. Check out this couple who spent the day before their wedding water skiing!

7. Whatever you do… Just be you. 

You can scroll Pinterest for hours and watch as many wedding films as you want, but when it comes down to it, this day is yours. Give yourself permission to release external expectations and lean in to making your day as personal as possible. It’s all about creating the best day to celebrate your love. 

Click here to see some some of my favorite wedding films and while you’re planning, check out these 5 ways to make your wedding day amazing.

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