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March 25, 2022


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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Videographer For Your Elopement

Should You Hire a Videographer?

I see this question thrown around a lot. If you’re already having a photographer capture your elopement, do you need a videographer too? I mean, you want to keep it small so do you really need to hire another person? Spoiler alert, you need a videographer. Here are my top three reasons why every elopement should have a videographer create a film of their day. 

1. Your Elopement Video will Capture All the Feels

First, video captures the in-the-moment feelings with movement and sound. A film of your day brings a whole new layer to how your day is captured. Yes, photos can document emotion through your facial expressions, but they’re frozen in time. A video will take you back to the moment with the sounds and live recordings from your day. As a result, the sniffles through your vows, the belly laughs as memories are shared, the subtle smirks and winks that your man sends your way, and more, will all be captured in real-time in live motion. The small details will all be captured in such a big way.

PNW Elopement Videographer

2. Your Elopement Video Will be A Treasure to Hold onto Forever

Second, your elopement is a moment that you want to live in your memory forever. You will feel every feeling again as you grow old with the love of your life. With your elopement film, you will be able to relive your first look, tear up through your vows, and run off into the sunset together again. You will be able to transport yourself back to this day. In other words, it will feel like you are reliving that day all over again. You can bring yourself back to the exact space that you chose for your perfect day. While watching your film over and over you will feel all the emotions you felt on that day. You’ll get to relive these moments forever with your children and grandchildren for years to come. All while reminding yourself of the love that started it all. 

Michigan Elopement Videographer

3. Your Elopement Video Can be Shared with All of your People

Finally, if you are planning an elopement you’ve decided to get married in one of the most intimate settings. You are choosing to get married without many of your friends or family present. Whether you tell people before your elopement or are planning to surprise them later, your friends and family are going to want to hear all about your day! What better way to share these intimate moments with them than by showing them a film that captures everything in real-time. Rather than having to tell your story over and over again, you’ll be able to share it with your friends and family as if they were there themselves. With a film, they’ll be able to experience your elopement on a deeper level as it captures all the feels. 

Michigan Beach Elopement Videographer

To: You

From: Bri, one of our brides

“SIS, HIRE THE FREAKING VIDEOGRAPHER. You will NOT regret it, but you will regret it if you don’t. I feel you with the “it’s just not in out budget” I was you. But hear me out… make room for it. Here’s the thing, money comes and goes, but this is something we can have forever that is truly priceless.

Seriously, first: don’t skimp on your photographer. Find a photographer that you love, you vibe with, and you like their style. Second: bring those amazing photos to motion with videography.

I truly think they go hand in hand. Having these pictures to look at, hang in our home, and pass on to family is timeless. Having video to watch and feel the emotion is priceless. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched our video on repeat.”

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