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April 28, 2022


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Carly and Jace, Michigan Wedding Film

Carly and Jace shared a gorgeous rainy day celebrating their love.

It was truly amazing. The rain wasn’t what we hoped for but it added such a romantic vibe to their day! Carly and Jace are so deeply in love and they completely embraced the rain. In fact, on the day Jace proposed, they also found themselves drenched in rain. This romantic rain completely became a part of their love story and added so much romance to their wedding film. 

Carly and Jace worked so hard to plan their day and the footage from their wedding was stunning and completely showed their love for each other. We even found a moody studio that allowed for some beautiful intimate moments to be had. However, because the weather was inconsistent, we were unable to capture all of the footage we could have on a perfect sunny day. 

In enters a day-before or day-after session.

Carly and Jace wanted wedding footage at Silver Lake Sand Dunes because it’s such an epic location. This wasn’t going to work on their actual wedding day, so we planned another day to capture more of their love story. These shots add such a unique feel to their wedding film. Carly and Jace were completely relaxed and able to focus 100% on each other at the dunes. I’m so thankful we had this opportunity to enhance their wedding film by including this extra footage of Carly and Jace in love on another day. 

Whether you’re stressed about weather, a limited timeline, or just want some more footage in another epic location that won’t work on your wedding day, a day-before or day-after session is the perfect option! Adding in this extra footage allows your love story to be told more fully. 

Check out another couple who used a day-before session with their wedding film.

Let’s connect and plan your epic wedding together today!

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