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March 10, 2021


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Let talk about 5 ways to make your wedding day amazing. After being in the industry for 4+ years I have found a few things I wanted to share with you. Your wedding day is so precious so why not make sure you’re doing everything you can to make it perfect. So I created this super easy list of 5 ways to make your wedding day amazing.

1: Find a Location that fits you!

This day is all about you two! I don’t know how many times I have heard a couple say “we are having It at a barn but don’t make It look like a barn wedding”. There are hundreds of venues out I want to strongly urge you to find one that will fit your style.

Annette and Andrew had their ceremony at Annettes Grand mothers house that overlooked the beautiful property she had been coming to since she was a kid.

2: First Look

This is a big one, and I totally get both sides but hear me out. First looks are private, give you more time, and get out those jitters, and relieve the pressure to have a “good reaction”.

3: Find your Vendor Squad

Finding the right vendors is huge. We tend to be the ones that help you in planning your wedding so finding the right vendors is ideal. I’m a huge advocate for this. A big one is making sure that your Photographer and Videographer are a good combo and that they work well together is they are the two that end up spending most of the day together.

4: Find a GO-TO person

This should not be you! You have one thing to think about on your special day and thats getting married. Find a Wedding Planner, Friend, Family Member, Someone to help you out and be the person of contact for the whole day. No this does not mean your mom or dad. Let them enjoy their day too and not be bombarded with questions.

5: Put The Phone Down

We live in such a media-centric world sometimes we forget to live in the moment. Putting the phone away on your wedding day is so huge It allows you to have fun and live in the moment. Trust that we the Photographers/ Videographers are capturing all the moments for you.

All Photo & Video taken by: Boy From The Mitten

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